Join us! Help someone in need.

Pay it forward and give back to the community.

We at Kaya Redford Success Coaching pride our selves on helping those who are in dire need of help in certain areas in their life, but do not have the resources to be able to afford it.
There are 4 main groups that we focus on:
  • Veterans
  • The Homeless 
  • Troubled Youth & Teens
  • Addictions 

Please go through our programs; other sponsorships and donations may available for other deserving students.  


How sponsorship works:
1. Contact our office at 310.871.6191
2. Sponsor a group or individual of your choice. Donations start as little as $5 and go as high as you wish.
3. If you want to be kept up to speed on your recipient, we will keep you posted on their progress, their wins, breakthroughs and shares. Or if you choose to remain anonymous, we can ensure that too.
  • All sponsorships may be tax deductible. We are not tax professionals so consult your accountant on how that may work. 
  • When we change one person's life, for each person we do that with, we elevate the consciousness of the entire world!



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