Corporate Values Alignment

Mayor Paul Leon City of Ontario


If you are a Leader or work in an organization that aspires to become the model of excellence in your industry then this program is for you.     

If you want your organization to reach #1 in the industry in any area, including but not limited to:  Prodution, Results, or Customer Service then this program will definitely align everyone in your organization as ONE TEAM, working together in unison, to achieve  that goal and vision.

The Corporate Values Alignment Program creates a healthy, vibrant, successful, results-oriented corporate culture where everyone comes together with trust, respect, harmony, communication, teamwork, and all personnel are aligned towards the same mission and vision of the organization.

Unfortunately,  in many companies, people have learned to be selfish, being more concerned about their own wants, needs, desires, and agendas, then they are about the mission and the vision of the organization. 

This program creates alignment and congruency where the values of each individual are aligned and congruent with the values of the ultimate vision and mission of the organization. 

This multi-tiered process starts with:

  • Interviewing the CEO & Leaders to discover what the mission, vision and the goals of the organization are and what problems, challenges or blocks have stood in the way of this organization reaching the # 1 model of excellence.
  • Detailed analysis and assessment of the corporation and all team members, beliefs, values, attitudes, strategies, behaviors, actions and ultimately - Results!
  • Discovery of the core values of leadership.
  • Discovery of the suggested values for the team members and designing a new and improved corporate culture.
  • Removing personal and professional blocks, problems, or challenges and creating a path for everyone to align towards the mission and vision of the organization.
  • Aligning the values of all staff members to the new suggested ideal core values of the organization.
  • vector lines 400Designing a new road map to be followed to ensure the corporation is on a steady path to becoming # 1, with exponential growth, production, results, profitability, harmony, excellent customer service and customer satisfaction.

As a result of this tremendously powerful program, the organization will become the # 1 model of excellence in the industry.

Duration:  This is a 9-week program, 1 day a week, 4 hours a day. 





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