How You Can Manifest Magical Love and Why Some Relationships Fail

For Couples & Singles

Are YOU in a relationship and do you want it to be even better, even happier, and even more loving?  Do you want it to be even more passionate, connected, supported and stimulating?

OR Are you single and YOU want to attract and manifest an amazing intimate love?

Do You want to know the three reasons why relationships fail so YOU may avoid them?

The three reasons why relationships fail are:

1. Incongruent Love Values – Where what’s important to two people is not matched or aligned.

2. Unfulfilled Love Strategies – he says, “How come she does not SEE how much I love her,” while she says “How come I don’t FEEL him. They both love each other, but just like two ships at sea, they don’t seem to connect in the way that each one needs.

3. Negative Triggers and Anchors – Things that trigger negative emotions, disputes and/or arguments.

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The N.L.P. RELATIONSHIP BREAKTHROUGH is very different from anything you have ever experienced – and it is for YOU!

It goes very deep into

  • How to Manifest Magical Love
  • Create YOUR Ideal Relationship
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Spiritual
  • Discover what values are secretly driving your behavior in relationships and sex.
  • Find and create what YOU want, and finally put an end to the things you don’t want.
  • Create passion, love, happiness, joy, commitment and so much more. Create the empowering feelings like “I am loveable,” “I am more than good enough to have the very best partner and relationship in my life,” etc.
  • Get rid of any stories or identity that is contrary to YOU achieving the greatest relationship ever. Get rid of unwanted anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, shame, resentment, jealously, irritation and/or rage.

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    And get rid of feelings of insecurity or inferiority like:

    • “I’m not good enough”

    • “I’m not lovable enough”

    • “No one will ever want me”

    • “No one will ever marry me”

    • “I worry that I will be alone forever”

    And instead create inner alignment and the feeling of “I am worthy,” “I am deserving of the best” and “I am attracting and creating it now” and remove all forms of self-sabotage and behaviors and actions that don’t serve your highest good in attracting your ideal partner and relationship.

    Take Action. Enforce YOUR boundaries with others so they don’t overstep YOUR boundaries and leave you feeling in a negative space.

    • Find out what your attraction and Deep Love Strategy is. You may not have known that it exists – well, it does!

    • Let go of “need,” and instead learn how to keep “want.”

    • Create a relationship goal and feel 100% Certainty and Faith that your heart’s desire will be answered.

    • Improve YOUR communication with your partner or potential intimate love partner.

    • Learn how to honor the Masculine energy (Yang) and Feminine energy (Yin) to create the most passionate relationship where you and your partner respect and cherish one another and give each other the appreciation and attention you both desire.

    • Learn some KEY Differences between Men and Women and how to understand and bring each other closer together.

    • Understand what a man’s and a woman’s greatest fears are.

    • Understand a man’s primary needs and a woman’s primary needs.

    • How to have a greater connection on all levels including rekindling the passion in the relationship.

    • How to create a space for love making that satisfies both partners.

    • How to KEEP the ROMANCE alive.

    • How to increase self-esteem and self-confidence.

    • How to create balance in the relationship.

    • How to have the very best relationship in life.

    • Four different types of relationship styles and which one works best for you.

    • How to negotiate things like time, money, play, sex, space, and responsibilities in a way that unifies and honors YOU and THEM.




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