Personal 26-Step Breakthrough

If you want a full breakthrough in your personal life so that you can truly be happy, joyful and empowered then this is for YOU!

The Personal 26-Step Breakthrough Process takes any area of your personal life and transforms it on the spot.  You can BE who you want to BE, DO the things you want to DO, and HAVE what you truly want and deserve to HAVE in your life.

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  • It all begins with setting goals for the one-on-one coaching breakthrough as well as as setting goals for your life - short term goals and long term goals.
  • Determining what challenges, blocks, or obstacles have prevented you from achieving those goals in the past up until now. Those challenges and blocks will be removed through the breakthrough process. 
  • The next step is going through a detailed personal history assessment, childhood up to adulthood to understand where you are now and how you got here. 
  • Then experience the most powerful 26-step breakthrough process which completely transforms that specific area of your life by addressing the mental aspect, physical, emotional, and spiritual layers as well as your beliefs, your values, your attitudes, your strategies, your behaviors, and your actions and ultimately - YOUR Results!  All the resources and qualities needed to achieve your greatest goals, dreams and desires, in this area, are realized and integrated. 

By the end of this process you will be ready to create your desired future exactly the way you want it, with 100% certainty, unstoppable motivation and confidence that you will have it!

Three days One-on-One Coaching.


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