N.L.P. SUCCESS Sales & Leadership Mastery Series

N.L.P. (Neuro Linguistic Programming) WORKSHOPS:

This series of workshops is especially designed for YOU Leaders, YOU Entrepreneurs and YOU Sales Professionals, and anyone else wanting to create amazing results and success in your life, to Increase your Effectiveness, Productivity and Income by 30%...50%...100%...200%...or more within just 30 days. In the 2-Hour Sales & Leadership Introduction Program you learn WHY, WHAT and HOW powerful N.L.P. is in the area of having the right mind set, and the right communication to create outstanding results in your business and life.

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  You’ll also learn about the 10 Steps to Communication and Influence so you can get your customers, clients and co-workers to say YES to you and take action RIGHT NOW in the present moment.

In the 3-Day Sales and Leadership Mastery II Program, you master a whole new set of skills that go even deeper and take your results even higher. Here we go into body language, facial gestures, and voice tonality, to learn how to build the deepest rapport and how to really lead the person you are communicating with to a WIN-WIN-WIN proposition for all. Other excellent tools you learn are the Laws of Sales and Laws of Leadership and how to work within the laws so that there is a natural flow to you achieving outstanding SUCCESS.  In the 3-Day Sales & Leadership Mastery I Program, you begin to master these concepts. You learn how to speak into the listening of your clients. You learn how to determine their motivation strategy, decision strategy and buying strategies.

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Finally, you learn about goals and what are the steps that successful people take that always achieve their goals vs. the mistakes that people make that don’t achieve their goals. In this training you will have removed any self-doubt and uncertainty, so that you graduate the program with supreme confidence in yourself and certainty that you will achieve your goals and even exceed them.   Through significant role playing, you walk away from this training with a very powerful set of tools on how to identify, connect to and serve your clients in such a way that they will always come back to you for repeat business and refer you additional clients. You will also learn how to overcome objections, and how to overcome your own blocks to SUCCESS that have stopped you in the past up until now.


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Sales & Leadership Mastery 1

We offer powerful courses geared to dramatically create real results in your business and leadership.

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Sales & Leadership Mastery 2

We offer powerful courses geared to dramatically create real results in your business and leadership.

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