Remember, you can only go as high in life as you will go deep.  Now you will go even deeper and higher in the Leap NOW! SUCCESS N.L.P. Sales & Leadership Mastery II workshop and take your results to an even higher level! 

You will remove limiting beliefs and limiting decisions that are sabotaging your results.  You will create and install your new goals.  You will learn how to build deeper rapport with your business and personal relationships through body language, facial gestures and voice tonality.  You will learn about the Laws of Sales and Laws of Leadership which will improve your results in sealing the deal with your client.  Also you learn how to dance with all of their concerns.sales call 300

Here is just a small sample of some things you will learn:

  • Building Rapport
  • The Art of Negotiation
  • How to Communicate with all Types of People
  • How to Close 
  • Removing Doubts and Fears 
  • Installing Your New Goals
  • Laws of Sales 
  • Laws of Leadership 
  • How to build Agreement and get People to Accept your Offer 

In this workshop you will learn how to remove challenges, stop sabotaging your outcomes and set and achieve meticulously clear Smart Goals.  You will find out how to read your prospect’s body language.  Are they telling the truth?   Are they really in the conversation?  With your understanding of laws of leadership and sales, you will learn how to negotiate the close and get referrals.  Learn how to utilize all these skills to be more effective and how to inspire action.  You will achieve your outcomes…Right Now! 

Want to go even deeper in your relationships????  This workshop is also a must if you are in a relationship, have children, and/or work with children or young teens. 



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Remember … all of what you will learn comes from the HEART... Not Manipulation. We don't need to manipulate. Although you can use this to manipulate we advise against it. Why?... Because we can achieve even greater results coming from the heart. The intent is that you help people get what they want, things that benefit them and in so doing you get more of what you want … So your clients, partners, business associates and others feel that you are coming from care, love and service the whole time as opposed to coming from manipulation. They therefore trust you even more and become your walking testimonials or cheerleaders…HORAAAAAAYYY!!

Influencing with integrity. That's the final goal, right? So go ahead and take ACTION RIGHT NOW!



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