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* You may take the program for self-improvement only without N.L.P. Certification. 


If you are serious about becoming everything you can be, and creating an abundance in your life, then… 

This training is for YOU!

Using the technology of Neuro Linguistic Programming (N.L.P.), Time Line Therapy® and N.L.P. Coaching, you can manifest anything you desire for yourself while empowering others.

N.L.P. Coaching PROGRAM Including Time Line Therapy®

9-day Program (1 weekend per month for 3 months)

(N.L.P.) is the most powerful set of techniques with the potential to make significant, fast and easy changes in your life.

  • Find out what is holding you back.
  • Find out how to unleash your self-confidence that will help you create lasting passion & love.
  • Learn tools to motivate you and keep you motivated.

And much more...

We will guide you step-by-step and show you how to use this with yourself and others -- individually and as a coach

What you learn/benefits:

1. The Basis of N.L.P. - Fundamental assumptions from where we start

2. The 11 principles of achieving your goals used by all successful goal setters

3. Rapport: How to create instant liking and agreement  

4. Representational Systems: The role of our 5 senses

5. Submodalities: The secret programming software of your mind

6. Language Patterns: The words you use show off your intellectual attributes and your personal characteristics

7. Anchoring: How to control your feelings and your state of mind

8. Strategies: How to control your mental sequence of internal processes to create specific results

9. Parts: Stop inner conflicts

10. Time Line Therapy® Experience.



After successful completion, you will be certified as an N.L.P. Practitioner and ready to offer N.L.P. Coaching.

*You may take the program for self-improvement only without N.L.P. Certification.  If you choose to be certified, you will receive certifications from The International Board of Pure Precision N.L.P., the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and the American Board of Hypnotherapy.




Practitioner Training

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