N.L.P. Youth Program 3-11 and Teens Program 12-18


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N.L.P. Youth Program (3-11) 

This program teaches students a way of thinking and a set of skills that is easy to understand, which gives the student

  • Even more focus,
  • Self-confidence
  • Power to make good decisions
  • Better direction
  • Motivation
  • Increased reading and writing
  • Spelling ability
  • Learning and memory capabilities
  • Improving  thoughts and  focus
  • Improving their test taking ability
  • Commitment in getting their projects and assignments done
  • Improving their gradesblackboard abc400J

In addition, this program removes any unwanted emotional states i.e. negative emotions, or unwanted behaviors and bad habits, including procrastination so that the student is motivated to do their best in school whether it be in class or extra-curricular activities or sports.


N.L.P. Teens Program (12-18)

This program teaches a way of thinking and a set of skills that is also easy to understand, which gives the student even more focus, self confidence, power to make good decisions, and better direction.  Also this program increases their learning, reading, writing and memory capabilities.  As a result they will increase their test taking ability to be able to get good grades and advance through school, graduating to a good college or university of their choice.  They will also learn how to interview and speak confidently for the purpose of getting into a good college/university and/or to get a real good job opportunity.

In both programs, students will have ample opportunity to remove any unwanted negative emotions or unwanted behaviors or habits and will learn the ways to cope with and handle many of the challenges that they face within their persepctive age group, problems that exist in schools such as bullying and peer pressure from negative influences, etc.  They will learn how to build positive relationships with students and faculty that will nurture them in school and beyond.  As a result of these two programs, students will likely enjoy their educational experience much more, achieve better grades, and advance much higher in life from a very solid foundation and a very focused mindset. 



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