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Neuro Linguistic Programming: Cause (is greater than) Effect

A cause is defined as to why something happens and an effect is defined as to what happens because of the cause. When it comes to neuro linguistic programming, cause and effect lets us know how we go about living our lives. Neuro linguistic programming is in fact the study of the mind and how we are all wired. When it comes to cause and effect, you are either a person who lives at cause or at effect.

A person who lives at cause takes full responsibility for their life and everything in it. They know that if things aren't going right, it's no one's fault but their own. They never blame others for their misfortunes and know that they have a choice in everything in their lives. They work hard to get what they want and to have the things they have.

A person who lives at effect is just the opposite of an at cause individual. At effectors believe that any and everything that happens to them is no direct fault of their own. Sadly, most people are at effectors. We tend to blame others and never take responsibility for our shortcomings or our lives in general. Though others can effect things that happen to us, some direct and some indirect, it is our job to change things. At effectors feel they are victims when in actuality, they are just as capable as at causers to make choices in life, take responsibility, and change their way of thinking to better themselves.

Cause is greater than effect because we all have the opportunity to personally change things for ourselves. Without a cause, they will be no effect. Learning to accept life and the choices that have been made by you thus far to get you to where you are, embracing those the choices and your situations, and moving forward will help at effectors become at causers.

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