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Chaining Anchors To Change Procrastination Into Motivation

A powerful NLP method used to get into a positive state is Chaining Anchors. This is best used when your present state is a long ways off from your ultimate desired state.

Definition of an anchor: 

Anytime anyone is in an intense state, and at the peak of that experience, if a specific stimulus is applied, then the two are linked neurologically. Anchoring can assist you in gaining access to past states, and linking the past state to the present.

You anchor the 2 or more steps between procrastination and motivation, creating a logical chain. In quick succession, you arrive at your preferred state very quickly, almost instantly. Because the chain is logical, your brain is more apt to accept the changes too.

When this works, you’ll feel very different about the situation than you did just a few minutes ago and you will find yourself truly motivated! 

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Benefits of N.L.P.

  • Effective Communication +

    Learn how to speak into the listening of your clients, co-workers, staff members, and family members to achieve your desired outcomes.
  • Personal Change & Transformation +

    Update the software of your mind and your neurology so you operate even smarter, faster, better and to your fullest potential.
  • Confidence, Wholeness & Completeness +

    All the processes of N.L.P. increase wholeness, completeness and give you an even greater trust and confidence in your capabilities to do anything you want in life.
  • Total Congruency +

    Your conscious mind and unconscious mind are aligned so that you can tap into your higher consciousness and all areas of self-sabotage are removed.
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