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 Sales Leadership / Mastery
Sept- Sales & Leadership Mastery 1

Start: 07, Oct- 2017 10:00:00
End: 09, Oct- 2017 10:30:00
8077 Florence Ave, Downey, CA, 9077 Florence Ave, Downey, CA 90240 (US)

For people interested in learning about powerful sales tools and how create even more effective rapport, go deeper with your words, tonality and physiology.

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Benefits of N.L.P.

  • Effective Communication +

    Learn how to speak into the listening of your clients, co-workers, staff members, and family members to achieve your desired outcomes.
  • Personal Change & Transformation +

    Update the software of your mind and your neurology so you operate even smarter, faster, better and to your fullest potential.
  • Confidence, Wholeness & Completeness +

    All the processes of N.L.P. increase wholeness, completeness and give you an even greater trust and confidence in your capabilities to do anything you want in life.
  • Total Congruency +

    Your conscious mind and unconscious mind are aligned so that you can tap into your higher consciousness and all areas of self-sabotage are removed.
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